October 7, 2011

How I Fell in Love with Another Donut and Then Had Personal Struggles with a Co-worker's Saucy Balls.....

We had a food today which also led me to firmly believe that this week has been a sort of Christmas for Chubby and/or Pregnant ladies in my neck of the woods. I wake up one morning to find a pair of maternity jeans I ordered on my front deck, get to work and find treat bags at my desk, plus there was a bake sale and then food day today in which I came across the BEST glazed donut again. Mexican Fiesta asked me for a description of what this donut tasted like…. and this was my response:  like a cloud from heaven dropped down to earth and bathed in a sea of angel kissed sugary glaze” Seriously, I think I have a condition. A donut obsession that should be addressed… but not too quickly.

There is not a good way to break into this next segment, it is still food day related so you will have to deal, but anyhoo… a guy that works in my dept always brings his saucy balls to our food days. I don’t necessarily have a problem with his meaty balls… I have a problem with the sauce that accompanies them. It is a chunky sauce… and I refuse to have it in my mouth. I refuse to swallow chunky sauce… ever. I don’t swallow regular sauce at home so I refuse to swallow this guy’s sauce.

So the whole issue with said guy’s balls makes me think of Schweddy Balls from SNL and then a whole pile of hilarity ensued through IM. (Which I had to quickly educate my co-worker Mamma Sassypants in the joys of Sweddy Balls because I am slowly exposing to her to the world of pop culture references that may be slightly beyond her time.)

Totally can smell Doug's saucy balls over here......

Mamma Sassypants:

I am going to IM and tell him to keep a tight lid on his saucy balls b/c the smell of them makes me nauseous

I know you like to bring them to every occasion Dude, but seriously...

put ‘em away already

Mamma SP:
i wanna know what he says

I am totally not having a convo like that with Dude
I don't wanna know where it will end up

Mamma SP:
now i'm GOLing

it could be interesting though

bring our relationship to a whole new level

we're tight like that…

*emoticon of boy and girl with arms outstretched towards each other* after the bags competition back in the day

Mamma SP:

Anyway, I am almost out of my lunch break time… but don’t worry, I will keep this up as the day goes on and Dude continues to frequent the food area to coat his balls in sauce…. Nobody wants dry balls... those are definitely not going in my mouth either.

Mmmm.... Saucy Balls

October 6, 2011

Holding Back

Mostly just my family knows this, but Hubby and I were pregnant last summer and lost the baby. I am now sitting here at almost 16 weeks with this little Flutter Bean still growing. Why Flutter Bean? First time I saw it was at 8 weeks... Baby was the size of a kidney bean and the first thing that struck me was this crazy fluttering on the screen of the heart beat. I melted a bit that day and cried some too. I think it was not only a mixture of joy and relief that I felt, but I think I mourned a bit too for the loss last year.

Only a few people in my life consistenly ask me how I am feeling/doing, and I appreciate them a great deal. Just the other night I was asked if I "have a feeling of what the baby is." I can honestly say I don't. I feel like I am in this limbo stage. I saw the baby once, heard the baby once and now is the waiting game for more proof I guess. Proof that the Bean (or you can refer to Baby as Gummy Bear if you want, which the ultrasound tech so lovingly refered to it as. "Look at that perfect Gummy Bear," she said when he/she appeared on the screen) is in fact still in there and thriving.

I am amazed (and slightly guilt ridden) at how much the loss we went through last year has impacted my experience this time. I want to fall in love, but the fear of something going wrong is unreal... it if suffocating. I cannot wait for my appointment in November. The one where I get to not only know what this Baby is, but the second time I can see Baby. Proof again, it seems that proof is the only way to come out of this limbo. I also am waiting for the day when my little Flutter Bean will have the strength to finally kick me and say, "Hey Lady, I am in here. Love me already!" Here's to the day I can stop holding back and fall in love.

October 3, 2011

An Open Love Letter to a Donut......

I am going to blame the fetus for this one, but this week at work is "Customer Service Week" and we have been blessed with a jeans and treats kind of week. This morning Orange Juice was brought to our desks and then a freakin' glazed donut! I totally tossed my healthy yogurt aside to demolish the sugar drenched carb cake and let me tell you what, it. was. HEAVEN. I enjoyed this donut so much that I ate a half of someone elses and then proceeded to share an open love letter to my donut via IM:

Hello Donut,

Where have you been all morning? Oh how I have missed you.... you make my day so much brighter

A lady in love with a donut

your sweet delicious glaze......
your fluffy middle.....

P.S.S. Hello Pretty!