March 13, 2013


My Little Man turns one is 2 weeks. Holy shit how did that happen? I am not going to lie and say that this has been the most wonderful year of my life. It has in many ways, but it has been awful in so many others. I have learned that I am a stronger person than I ever imagined, experienced the deepest love possible, known exhaustion beyond what should be humanly possible, been frustrated beyond belief and survived it all. Now that the 1 year mark is approaching, the signs of my baby entering Toddlerhood are emerging:


  • Little man crawls after me screaming and whining to be picked up… at all times…
  • After being picked up, Little Man screams to be put down, or throws himself violently backwards.
  • Meal time is beyond frustrating. It is now fun to spit all food out… or throw it dramatically on the floor for the dog.
  • You think feeding the dog means he likes him? Ask the dog how he feels about having toys smashed into his face repeatedly… because that is also a new thing.
  • Biting and hitting are happening – for no apparent reason – and only to Mommy.
  • Nothing is off limits. That wall vent shouldn’t be there under the bar top, Imma rip it out of the wall…
  • If something isn’t happening the way Little Man wants it to he screams. “I can’t get this toy out, let me scream at it for 5 minutes and then when I get it out, let me chuck it across the room…and then let me realize I wanted it in the first place and scream and go after it.”
  • Everything is a challenge. Stairs that look steep and unfinished, I got this. Mommy said “No” to pulling on the curtains or trying to open the trash can or entertainment stand or attempting to dump the humidifier out….let me keep trying again and again and again. She said “No” again? Throw the tantrum of the century involving fake crocodile tears and possibly baby swear words.
  • Mommy wants to change my diaper? Let me backstroke across the floor and giggle manically when she pulls me back to her for the 87th time.

Ah, so much fun. I thought the waking every 2 hours would be the hardest part, haha, I have so much to learn yet.

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