April 7, 2011

It's like Transformers, but in musical form!

My sister introduced me to Pandora. Pandora is this amazingly smart website that lets you plug in a song or an artist you love and build a “radio station” around that choice. She won’t play the exact song you type in, oh no, she will pull something out of the vault that is similar and hook you on to a new musical masterpiece. Pandora is smart. Pandora scares the shit out of me!

I listen to some pretty obscure music and a large variety of stuff because my multiple personalities always argue over what they want to hear. My iPod is full of music that ranges from YoYo Ma to System of a Down. Yeah, I like a lot of music. I enroll in a daily music therapy because that has always been the way I express myself. I have different play lists to fit my mood. Music can make me work smarter, clean faster and love harder. Music is inspiration for me.

So why does Pandora scare me? She knows me! Pandora can totally peer into my soul and pull out the most random unknown artist and play him or her for me. Ever heard of a song called Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina? No? Well Pandora has and the sneaky bitch knew I liked it. I am just waiting for the day where she accesses my bank account and starts to shop for me. One day there will be this huge UPS box on my front deck with a giant bow and card that says “To: Beth From: Pandora I thought you would like this new wardrobe I picked out. I think these colors will look great on you!” Seriously, it is like the movie Transformers when all of the machines start to revolt. I am sure someday when she does not feel appreciated enough she will rebel!

I think Shia Labeouf pissed her off...RUN!!!

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SarcasmInAction said...

It's a conspiracy by the Chinese in their attempt at mind control.
Or something kind of like that.