April 26, 2012

Poop, Curse Words and Many Bad Smells....

     I am surrounded by men - and not in that good, slippery yet somehow awkward way. I have the Husband, a Baby Boy and the 100 pound giant male dog. Basically my world is full of poop, curse words and many bad smells. Take yesterday for instance, the Husband had four teeth extracted from his mouth, one drilled out, one cut out and two pulled. Yuck. To top that off the Dog then ended up with an ear infection and for those of you that have dogs you know the ungodly stench that creates. Plus, my lovely son decided to poop in three diapers in a span of about 2 minutes.... I love my life.

    Anyhoo, my initial point and inspiration to this story... our Dog has been the baby of the house for almost two years now. He is spoiled. He thinks he is human. He has had an interesting time adjusting to a Baby in the house. This Dog seems incapable of sleeping unless he is on the couch or in a bed, preferably with pillows under his head. (Hello unintentional rhyme time!) This leads to dog hair everywhere and that distinctive doggy smell all over my house.... and our clothes.... and us. I have been trying my best the past three weeks home to get him to be ok with laying on the floor, I would love for my kid to NOT be covered in course black hair until he has reached the age where he can grow it himself. I even put the pillows up at night. As soon as they are down and someone leaves the couch though he is all over it.

Needless to say, he hasn't learned what "couch back" means...and look, he has the remote too! Is nothing sacred anymore?

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Lin said...

Aw, he's so cute. Good luck trying to get him to listen after all those years of being 'the baby' of the house haha.