June 8, 2011

Shakin' What My Mamma Gave Me....

   I bought a Shake Weight in preparation for Big Sister's wedding. I bought it 7 days before her wedding in fact. If this thing tones my arms up in 7 days, not only will I buy stock in the Shake Weight empire, I will buy 2 dozen and hand them out to homeless people at a soup kitchen. Even the "less fortunate" deserve buff biceps and trim triceps right?

   I tried new work out methods with this shake weight tonight. Hold the Shake Weight out with the right arm extended to the right side, bend right leg at the knee. Bounce right hip up and down in the best Shakira impersonation possible and shake said shake weight in a foward and backwards motion. Repeat with left side. Pretty sure I looked like a major jackass bouncing my giggly bits in all kinds of opposite directions repeating, "Shakira, Shakira!" but I feel the burn already. 

Did you know that  you are supposed to use the Shake Weight for only 6 minutes a day?? Sounds easy right? Just try it! I get about 2 minutes in, switch arm positions, shake for another 30 seconds and am done. That's what she said..... The entire time I use this thing I have the following playing in my mind:

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Marianna Annadanna said...

I can't believe you actually have that thing! Hilarious! Good luck with your workout plan!