July 30, 2011

I think I just donated to Locks of Hate

     I am writing this as I sit on my couch and Google hair extensions and wigs. How come I can go into a hair salon and show them two pictures of what I want my hair to look like and not only do they make it look NOTHING like the picture, but they also manage to make it about 3 inches shorter than it should be? I HAVE NO FUCKING HAIR! People with round chubby faces LIKE hair….preferably shoulder length or longer. This is bullshit. I need a hat STAT. Too bad I have to hoard my paid time off for the terrible winter driving conditions that will take place later this year or I would request the next too weeks off of work and lie in bed with all of the lights turned off rocking back and forth cuddling Halloween wigs.

What I wanted.......

What I got....and I am so not this cute right now...or ever!


Anne P said...

Is it possible you were given a base that will grow into what you want? A couple more visits to trim as you're growing it out?

Striving for Mediocrity said...

That is what I am hoping for! My hair grows pretty fast so I am thinking in 2 or 3 weeks it will be good. I can't help but find myself thinking, boy I wish I had a hair tie with me....and then thinking wow, I would need some hair for that hair tie first!