July 8, 2011

Let's do the Time Warp Again.....With Even More Horror!

Someone must have drugged my ass, carried me out of my house and sat me in a time machine that has been set for 1954. That is the ONLY explanation for why I must be the ONLY person in my house (just two of us mind you) that has to do anything. I need to go buy an apron and a poodle skirt so I can stand in my kitchen looking the part of the 50’s housewife I am expected to be. Really?

I would love to get home at noon and be able to do something. Yes, I know, Husband leaves at un-Godly hours of the night (like two a.m.) but does he realize how hard is it to get anything done when you live in Podunk Iowa and leave for work at 7 am and get home and 6pm? Shit closes at 4:30 here. I am super sick of having to come home and figure out what to feed the man, plus thaw the meat, prep the other ingredients, cook/bake/flash fry the meal EVER SINGLE NIGHT. I love how when I make a move towards the kitchen I get asked, "What are you making?". But hey, if something our in the garage needs to be done you better believe that shit will be complete in 20 minutes.

God help me that I actually thought we could go out and do something tonight and that I wouldn‘t have to cook. Remember last Friday? I thought it was too fucking hot to sit on aluminum bleachers in the sun and watch cars go round and round. So what did hubby do? Left me at home. Why can’t I do that? Why must I feel guilty if I make plans that don’t include him?
I need a life stat! It is really frightening when everything you are and how you define yourself is tied up to the person you married. It is also depressing. And pathetic. People should not go through life giving 110% to someone and getting about 80% back. It is bullshit. Help!

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Marianna Annadanna said...

Don't feel guilty! I recently wrote about how I'm trying to diversify. In my case it was about trying to spend MORE quality time with Hubby (because we were not "connecting") but the same theory applies. Your energy needs to be put into more than one thing so that when something goes to Hell you don't go with it. Eggs in more than one basket. My new mantra.