July 31, 2011

A Night of Good Vibrations.....

     A friend of ours texted us this week to see if we had any plans Saturday night because his Step Dad’s band was opening up for Quiet Riot on the Riverfront. “When and where??“ I asked. “7 at the Riverfront ” “Ok, you are going to have to give me some directions later.” At work that day I Google the band and Google the town we are going to, maybe there is a bar named the Riverfront or something and he just assumes I know this. Nope, he literally means the town’s river front since we are talking the annual Great River Day of Muscatine. Well I must look like an ass.

Duh...what Riverfront??

     So we go to enjoy the music stylings of Here Kitty Kitty, Seven Shy (freakin Utube them NOW) and Quiet Riot. (Of course we had to take the new truck….again I say, “Gas prices be DAMNED!”) We were surrounded by the most interesting mix of people that has ever gone to a rock concert in the history of rock - ever. I bet Here Kitty Kitty, the band is from L.A., thought Iowa was full of the biggest bunch of redneck freaks known to man. I was embarrassed for all of my fellow Iowans, but enjoyed making fun of several at the same time. Don’t judge me.

     We watch Here Kitty Kitty for the first time in our lives…please for the love of God do a cover of No Doubt ladies, that is what you should be doing…..and then Seven Shy takes the stage. This band is a local celebrity, they draw a huge crowd, they won Battle of the Bands in 2009; in summary: these guys rock. The talent level ratchets up several (hundred) degrees and so does the sound. My old man Husband turns to me and says, “This is really loud.” A few songs later he even shares with us all the fact that his, “nuts are rattling in their sack.” Wow, another reason for us all to love Rock and Roll: feeling the music pound in your chest and having your nuts vibrate by the bass line. Rock on people, rock on!

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